What We Do



Inside Track To College, Inc. was developed to meet the needs of families as they progress through the college application and decision-making process.


  • One-on-one sessions with a guidance counselor who has had 27 years experience in academic advisement and college placement; working with students applying to Ivy, first tier, and colleges that are their “best-fit” schools.
  • We come to YOU-meetings are held in your home and nationally via Skype, at your convenience because we believe in a “TEAM” approach to making this important decision.
  • We know what colleges are looking for in a successful applicant and help you develop a strong profile through academic four-year planning, advising on extracurricular activities, and “branding” your application.
  • We help you develop your testing schedule and assist with SAT and ACT preparation with our online practice testing and personalized feedback to raise your scores.
  • We help you develop your college list by understanding what it is you want in a college and provide you with a beginning list of 25-30 colleges, then work with you to create your final list.
  • We review all applications with you before they are sent for clarity, correctness and completion. 
  • Our essay review and reinforcement provides “two sets of eyes” overseeing the essay writing.  We utilize a “professional writer” who reviews essays for content, structure, spelling and grammatical corrections and the counselor who has been reviewing essays for over two decades.  Our process is not intrusive; we believe the student’s voice is the most important factor in college essay writing. This assistance helps the application process stay on track and improves the excellence of the essay outcome.
  • You’re working with an expert who is a nationally published author of books on the college admissions process. I have been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs including The Washington Post, The Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, NBC 6 and WSFL- Miami and I’m an ongoing contributor to UNIGO, one of the most popular online college admissions communities.
  • You’ll receive “The Inside Track!” newsletter monthly with articles and reminders to keep you paced and inform you of the latest changes in  college admissions.
  • Every month you’ll receive our scholarship list that provides you with the most comprehensive updated directory of local and national scholarships available.
  • We have resources that help you understand the Financial Aid process and will help guide you through filing your FAFSA and CSS/Profile on time.
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