If You are a  High School Student or Parents of One and Planning for College;
    We are Here to Help You and to Answer Your Questions
    Start early to give yourself the time and tools to complete your academic plan, choose your courses, define your goals, explore your interests, and learn more about how to make the right choices in the college admissions process.  Seniors, my motto is - it is never too late!  Just put some energy into learning more.

    1.  If I’m So Smart, Why Is This So Complicated?
    Getting Started-Understanding What Colleges Are Looking for in a Successful Candidate
    Colleges:  All Sizes, Shapes and Flavors
    Where Will I Be Most Comfortable
    Collegeeze!  What Are They Trying to Say?
    Learning To Push The Envelope:  Setting Personal Goals and Matching Them Up With Your Academic Program.

    2.  Preparing
    The Foundation
    What Do I Do Now?
    Beyond The Classroom-Resources for Summer College Campus Programs, Study Abroad, Volunteerism, Leadership Opportunities, Entrepreneurship, and Travel Programs.
    Developing your Resume and Charting Your Accomplishments
    Alphabet Soup (PSAT/NMSQT, SAT I, ACT, SAT II, AP)-Online Test Preparation and referral to private tutors upon request.
    Tools and Resources

    3.  Which College Is For You?
    Establishing a System for the Search
    The Matching Game-Assessment Tools are Available to Help Identify Your Interests and Strengths.
    What Are The Best Resources
    What Really Matters? - Identifying the Criteria that Schools Use
    Taking An Objective Look At You
    Identifying Your Criteria For Schools
    Narrowing The Choices To The Final List

    4.  Touring Campuses
    Planning The College Visit
    The College Interview Process
    Mock Interview-Build Your Confidence and Develop Your “Student Led Interview”

    5.  Applying to College
    Understanding the Essential Elements of the Application
    Getting Organized
    Choosing Your Recommendation Writers Wisely - Guide the Process of Recommendation Request and Assistance with providing the School Counselor with what they need to write effectively.
    Writing the Personal Statement or College Essay-”Discovering Your Voice”, Get help with Revisions, Editing, and Getting to the Question.
    Decisions, decisions, decisions-Early Action, Early Decision, Regular, Rolling
    Understanding Admissions Decisions
    Alternative Paths-Portfolio Development, Getting the Details on Auditions, and Demands for Additional Applications and Essays.
    The Final Cut:  How Do I Decide?-Receive Assistance Sorting Through Acceptances and Making Your Choice

    6.  Paying for College-Through our Financial Planning Services-Individual Session Available with our Financial Adviser
    You’re in-Now, How Do You Pay for It?
    What Are Sources for Financial Aid?
    Avoiding Scholarship Scams
    Creating Your Own Scholarship Search



Noelle and her monthly assignment chart and college informational chart.

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    To Begin...You are requested to bring the following items to your first session.
    Your high school transcripts, recent report card, school profile, curriculum guide, course selection sheets, list of extracurricular projects and activities, honors, awards and outstanding talents that have been recognized. Any standardized testing results like PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP or SAT II are helpful to complete this discussion.
    The first session is one hour, be prepared to discuss the extent of your needs for services.


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