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Why do I need a Private College Admission Counselor?

    “More kids are applying to college than ever before; competition is intense, and the process is complex. In order to give it their best shot, students need a proven framework to organize the college application process.

    There are many options for test preparation and lots of places offering information about paying for college, but there’s relatively little information about how to get through the entire application process step-by-step. How do you write an essay that will stand out from the crowd? How do you get the best letters of recommendation? How do you ace the interview and ensure you meet all the deadlines?” -- College Parents of America

Next to the purchase of a home, college is the most expensive investment a person will make in their lifetime. But many students will choose a college without adequate investigation into what is the best choice for them.  47% of undergraduate students switch colleges in the first two years and 45% of students today require five or more years to earn their degree.

Parents are concerned about their child’s future and feel they have very little “control” over the college process. Students find it difficult to balance their already heavy schedule of homework, extracurricular activities, volunteerism, and friendships with the added workload involved in deciding which college is right for them. These added pressures can create stress on both students and parents.

A Private College Consultant can help navigate the thousands of choices, eliminate misinformation, reduce stress levels and help avoid costly mistakes by finding the right college the first time around.

Beginning the Process...

As you begin to map your way through the maze of entry into college, it is important to understand that great grades and high test scores are only part of admissions. Academic planning, course selection, optimizing extracurricular activities and developing a “student profile” that gives you an edge in college admission takes time to develop and requires planning.

We work one-on-one with our students and families in their homes or nationally via Skype.  We spend hours getting to know the applicant and family, learning more about their personality, interests, qualifications and aspirations to guide our families with personal attention while meeting their individual needs.

It’s never too late or too early; we work with students in middle school through senior year!

    The expert academic and college counselor can assist you and streamline the process by:

    • Knowing the recent trends in the college admissions process and being able to communicate them to you effectively.
    • Spending 20% of our time “on the road,” meeting with admissions officers, touring campuses, speaking with students and exploring the campus and surrounding community.
    • Assisting you to develop your College List.
    • Helping you market yourself so that you are presenting a competitive college application and engaging in an excellent high school academic program.
    • Carefully reviewing all college applications, helping to create a resume, assisting with personal essays and preparing you for college interviews.
    • Planning a testing schedule and preparing for Standardized Test Prep-SAT/ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and identifying AP or IB courses and Dual Enrollment options.
    • Providing you with your own student portal for college exploration, our monthly newsletter, scholarship resources, SAT/ACT testing review, tracking application progress and acceptance.
    • Informing families about the latest information on Financial Aid Issues and interpreting Financial Aid Packaging.


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What our Clients are saying about Inside Track To College;


Rachel S. (Parent): “Dear Astrid and Staff;Our family would like to thank you for your wonderful services concerning our daughter Rachel and her college admission. Beginning with the plan options that were available to fit our budget and our needs and your daily availability to us, your company made the college admission process so much less stressful and without any tension between all of us as a family. All assignments that were given to Rachel were given clearly and with great purpose. We truly feel Rachel’s acceptance to Florida State University was surely in part due to the organization, encouragement, and support by you and your team. We all are so thrilled. We now have another daughter going into her Junior year in high school and have already booked sessions with you in anticipation of giving her the best chance for acceptance. Thank you sincerely for all of the hard work you put into giving Rachel the best opportunities.

Elizabeth B (Parent) My daughter applied to 11 colleges ! We could never have done this so smoothly without the help of Pat, Astrid and Tal! Their knowledge of all of the Universities, of the whole application process and of all of the help with the essays has been such a comfort and a blessing! They were always there for us  with such kindness and patience! We are forever thankful !!! The above says it all!!! I would also add that you made what we thought was going to be so..... Stressful much easier and so organized for us! Well worth every penny and more !!!

Randi P. (Parent) Thank you so much. We enjoyed working with you as well. I know you helped Joey immensely and you certainly helped me by taking most of the pressure off of me fighting with him to do something. It was better to say, “Pat needs this” you know what I mean. Take care and I will continue to refer you. Thanks again.

Samantha S., now attending her number one choice, Temple University, “I don’t think I could have made it though this application process so easily without your help. Thank you for so much!”

Jamie B., now attending University of Michigan, her first choice, “Helped relieve stress in one of the most stressful times of my life by being a great resource in the college process.”

Tyler H., now attending FSU, his first choice of universities, “The Inside Track helped me to stay on track and have all the application and essays finished in a timely manor and helped get me organized.”

Joshua W., now attending UF (Honors). “Helped to establish a plan and stick to a timeline.”

Julie M., now attending Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). “Pat and her team are fabulous. She cleared up every confusion I had about the application process. I got into my dream school and I could not be happier with the application experience and my result!”

Michael R., now attending Harriet Wilkes Honors College at FAU. “Very helpful with keeping me on track with important college deadlines and essay assistance.”

Ken M. (Parent)., “Pat Aviezer works very well with high schoolers-firm but gentle, she keeps them on schedule with their essays, applications, SATs, ... and counsels them effectively on the list of schools to appy to.”

Peggy M (Parent), "Patricia stays with her clients every step of the way. She is extremely understanding of working with young people, keeping them on track as they explore the college search. She is utterly creative, meeting any obstacle by drawing on her experience and working hard to help young people achieve their goals. I can only give highest recommendation for the value she brought."

Service Category: Education Consultant

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Brittney W., attending UF, “Helped our family understand the application process and setting up my senior schedule”.

Katherine I., attending U of California, Santa Barbara. “Helped a lot with the out-of-state process”

Samantha C., attending Guilford College, “I could not have gone through the crazy college process without your help and knowledge!”

Sidney E., attending Indiana University, “Thank you for all your help and support!”

Kelsey M., attending FSU, “Patricia helped me to understand the importance of writing an essay that demonstrates my charactoer and attributes that will help me to contribute not only to the FSU community, but to the world”.

Daniela G., now attending FAU, “Thank you! Every tip and meeting guided me towards a better understanding of the college admissions process. I appreciate it to the max!”.

Reilly D. (parent) “You guys were the best! Very organized, informative and made us feel calm in a very stressful time. Thanks to you, our child is happy and loving UCF as a Kappa Delta. Thank you!”

Paige B., Accepted to USF, UN, U Tampa, Flagler and Fl. Southern College,  “Without Inside Track To College, I would have been completely lost with the application process and wouldn’t have ended up at the University of my dreams. I am so incredibly thankful for the assistance, motivation and encouragement you guys provided me with.

Nicole C., Accepted to University of Arizona, U of Tampa, Fl Gulf Coast, U of Oklahoma and U of Kansas, “Inside Track to College helped me so much. Because of the amazing dedication of Inside Track, I was able to apply to multiple colleges and explore many options that I would not have been able to do on my own, as I am the First Generation College Student in my family. Inside Track took me through applying and receiving my acceptance letters and beyond. With Pat and Astrid’s bountiful knowledge I never felt in the dark

Maura M ,accepted at UT-Austin:  “Astrid helped me navagate the application process that truly was much more complicated than I ever expected. With her help I managed   my time effectively and was able to avoid feeling overwhelmed or lost. Her vast knowledge on the inside workings of the application process helped me ultimately reach success. I’m very happy with the help I have received and know that I would not have been this successful if I hadn’t been guided by Inside Track To College!”